14 Reasons why

you should take

part in HydMUN IV 

1. If it’s your first MUN:

Hydmun’s team is very uniquely put together for the MUNers to
have the best experience there is. If you for instance have been
to no MUN so far then this is the place for you to start.
Set your standards high and don’t settle for anything less.

2. Amazing Social Events:

Hydmun isn’t just another society of mere words without
actions.It’s previous social events have definitely been
an eye candy for everybody around. We believe in fun-filled
learning and hence invest in a great amount of creativity to
surprise our delegates with exciting socials.


3. Pioneer MUN conference:

Hydmun can strongly interrelate with the term ‘Trendsetter’ which
being the reason, it has introduced a series of trends ever since its
existence; from being the first ever MUN society in Sindh, except Karachi
to flawless management of the entire event every time.

4. Great debating level :

With its successful execution of 3 editions, Hydmun this time would be
having the most experienced MUNers from all over the country. That gives
a clear idea of how amazing the competition would be.

5. Credible international secretariat as your mentor :

When setting its priorities, Hydmun has always chosen Academics to be on
top of the list and great level of academics is achieved because of
highly experienced MUNers. Hydmun chooses the FINEST people to
become the committee chairs and directors who not only judge, but let
you learn from them in every regard.

6. Easy on pocket:

From refreshments in between the committee sessions to an inclusion of
the social events, all at the most reasonable rates that no other MUN
has ever offered. So when we say we are a non-profit society, we
actually mean it.

7. Expand your social circle nationally :

Coming from Karachi and meeting those same people as your delegates
and chairs could be pretty boring. But Hydmun’s got your back on this one.
We have chairs and delegates from all over Pakistan and what do
you get from that, you may ask? Well, it definitely is going to boost
your social circle.

8. Are you socially anxious?

Stay with me on this one. Social anxiety feeds on a lot of us and if you
think that should stop you from having the best time then let me tell you
how wrong you are. If you’re still not sure, then register with friends.
Being around people you’re used to will help you in ways unimaginable.

9. Unexpected Opportunity:

Considering how you’ve come this far into the list and are still reading
and looking for reasons to come, is exactly why you SHOULD come.
If this was the push you needed, then here goes.

10. Regret :

Chances are, your local Barney Stinson wannabes will be uploading
loads and loads of pictures with cliche ‘suit up’ captions and you’ll think
to yourself why wasn’t I there to judge them. I mean clearly judging
them through a screen is just not enough now is it? The inner Karan Johar
shall never rest!

11. If MUNing is an art then HydMUN is an art gallery :

I mean


At this point, this document is just me screaming at you. Sorry! You’ve all seen the committees already, I mean what’s stopping you? If your lifelong dream isn’t bashing Donald Trump or promoting equality then I’ve lost all faith in humanity. Please come and restore my faith!

13. Incase you believe you might be the future president :

MUNs usually develop this sense of dissatisfaction within you as
universal problems come to your attention. Come along if you’re not
satisfied with the way things are and rather than sit back and moan,
you’d prefer to do something about it.

14. Last but not the least :

Because you deserve to experience Hydmun at least once a lifetime if you
love surprises. Hydmun has always been very promising and creative
with surprising its delegates with each year. So better not miss this year
on it or else, you know what happens? Regrets. Regrets!

Author: Hafsa Memon
Editors: Afa Naeem | Muneeb llyas | Maaz Hamza | Syeda Fatima Jawaid | Hamza Junaid | Laiba Sana | Jahanzyb Shah
Publisher: Mirhazar Khan